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Someone who is about to attend (or during) their OOW Yacht Nav and Radar written exam. Please note: This is not designed to replace your Nav and Radar, but to run alongside, as you need a valid course completion certificate.

Or you failed, sorry! Don’t beat yourself up, it’s a hard exam. There is a lot to absorb in your 2 week Nav and Radar course, and some people just need more time. You can re-sit the exam one more time with the course completion certificate. The issue is, it can take a very long time to find out the result and resit. So if you failed, this will 100% help you to get back on top of your game and pass confidently.

Or alternatively you are getting ready to sit your oral prep - they will ask this in your oral exam and some of you may be a little rusty**.**


Because it’s a hard subject and so many people fail.
How do you pre study for something that you have no idea about?
I found this course very hard to do as a student and that no amount of books actually explained how to do the radar plotting. I don’t even want to tell you how confused I was on secondary ports before my OOW exams! In 2006 I only had to score 60% on both parts, however you guys now need to score 70%.


My Nav and Radar App comes in two parts to match the exam system:

  • Part A – Chart work, Radar plotting and Secondary ports
  • Part B – Theory (Coming soon) which matches the syllabus

I have also split them in two sections to allow for flexibility as some people may not need assistance in both parts.


  • 10 fully worked exam style questions on each subject
  • Clear set of notes that I personally wrote
  • Chart work - understanding what needs to be shown and how not to make silly mistakes
  • Radar plotting made easy; I am not a mathematician so I show you how to check your answers the easy way. I promise no hard maths!
  • Secondary ports, we learnt this for RYA Yachtmaster and now you need to re learn it the MCA way
  • How not to lose marks
  • Recommendation on chart equipment – so can be as accurate as possible
  • Links to paper charts
  • Downloads to Radar plotting sheets, Deviation Card, Vertical sextant angle etc
  • I teach using current exam style questions - Don’t forget I was a MCA Nav and Radar Teacher!

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Need that bit extra

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