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Why risk the fail for as low as £10 per day?

Primarily it’s for Yacht MCA Master 500/3000gt, however, the syllabus is common across all oral exams therefore will also benefit Chief Mate Unlimited. I have combined the 500 and 3000 syllabi together to create the ultimate Master’s course. It’s my full Master prep course recorded with 49 hrs of streaming videos, 531 printable notes, suggested flashcards and 840 quiz questions.

This is designed to allow you to study how and when you want.

This is the complete package - use it to protect yourself against embarrassing/expensive re-sits or pre-study alongside a prep course for extra help. I can’t emphasise this enough: rules, lights, buoyage, and the basics are what everyone seems to f*ck up during their exam.


Please be advised, this is the toughest Master course around.

This is NOT some easy-peasy course that might get you a pass. This is THE Master course. Not only will it make you pass the exam, but you’ll also become a confident Captain. There is a HUGE amount of information/content, so besides being committed you will also need to be somewhere quiet and have great internet.

What’s inside the course?

  • Videos - 49hrs, equivalent to watching 32 movies!
  • Notes – 531 printable pages
  • Flashcards – a must-have
  • Quiz Questions – 840 to be exact, that’s 15hrs worth!
  • Source Material - At your fingertips
  • Exam Papers – up-to-date (not from 2005)
  • Important OOW topics – HA. Like you remember.


Get access to Fred even when you’re doing the online course. When you join most memberships, either the founder/owner almost never shows up - Not in this course, I’m here whether you’re ready for me or not!


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Those that need that bit extra

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